Beyound Academics

Beyond Academics

There is life beyond classroom and exams. This is amply reflected in the schedule that includes Case Discussions, Presentations that turn up as daily rituals at the Institute. The academic activities at GIOM focus on fostering academic excellence through a mix of pedagogies that ensure the depth and width of knowledge required for a successful manager / entrepreneur.

  • Interactive Lectures: Students are motivated to participate in the discussions, ask doubts and make the lectures interesting.

  • Case studies: Students are exposed to the case study method of learning using case studies from various journals for developing analytical & problem solving skills.

  • Projects: In addition to the compulsory summer project, students are assigned small projects on various topics for first-hand experience of the industry.

  • Presentation: Students are encouraged to give presentations on various subjects to improve their presentation skills and boost their confidence.

  • Tutorials: Are conducted on regular basis.

  • Periodic Class Tests: Monthly class tests are conducted for continuous evaluation of students.

  • Guest Lectures: Are conducted from time to time by highly prominent and experienced people.

  • Industrial visits: focuses on preparing the students to learn about the day-to-day workings of a particular industry and understand its operational issues.

Additional Inputs

  • Management Games: Are conducted to develop personal and professional skills.

  • Live Case Study: Live cases on current issues are taken for discussion in the class to keep the students informed about latest issues.

  • Film Reviews: Review of films for understanding the social, economic and behavioral issues.

  • Field Surveys: Students are assigned field surveys to get real experience of various issues and analysis thereof.

  • Grooming Sessions: Are organized to enhance professional and personal skills to prepare students for managerial and leadership positions in the real world organizations. These include communication skills, etiquettes, aptitude tests, group discussions, mock interviews, etc.

  • Language Lab: To develop communication skills of students.


The faculty members act as mentors to the students. Each faculty is assigned a group of 15 students. Mentor acts as a guide, friend & philosopher to the students throughout their stay at GIOM and look after their overall development.