Institutional Values and Best Practices

Sr.No. 7.1 Institutional Vision and Leadership Download
7.1.1 Number of gender equity promotion Programmes organized by the institution during the last five years (QnM) 7.1.1 Gender Equity Promotion Programmes
7.1.2 Institution shows gender sensitivity in providing facilities such as
a) Safety and Security
b) Counselling
c) Common Room (QlM)
7.1.3 Percentage of annual power requirement of the Institution met by the renewable energy sources (current year data) (QnM) 7.1.3 Alternate Energy initiatives
7.1.4 Percentage of annual lighting power requirements met through LED bulbs (Current year data) (QnM)
7.1.5 Waste Management steps including :
a) Solid waste management
b) Liquid waste management
c) E-waste management(QlM)
7.1.6 Rain water harvesting structures and utilization in the campus (QlM)
7.1.7 Green Practices (QlM)
7.1.8 Average percentage expenditure on green initiatives and waste management excluding salary component during the last five years (QnM)
7.1.9 Differently abled (Divyangjan) friendliness Resources available in the institution:
Resources available in the institution (QnM)
7.1.9 Facilities For Differently Abled(Divyangjan)
7.1.10 Number of Specific initiatives to address locational advantages and disadvantages during the last five years (QnM) 7.1.10 Specific Initiatives
7.1.11 Number of initiatives taken to engage with and contribute to local community during the last five years (Not addressed elsewhere) (QnM)
7.1.12 Code of conduct handbook exists for students, teachers, governing body, administration including Vice Chancellor / Director / Principal /Officials and support staff (QnM) 7.1.12 Institutional Code of Conduct
7.1.13 Display of core values in the institution and on its website (QnM)
7.1.14 The institution plans and organizes appropriate activities to increase consciousness about national identities and symbols; Fundamental Duties and Rights of Indian citizens and other constitutional obligations (QnM) 7.1.14 Activity Reports
7.1.15 The institution offers a course on Human Values and professional ethics (QnM) 7.1.15 Human Values
7.1.16 The institution functioning is as per professional code of prescribed / suggested by statutory bodies / regulatory authorities for different professions (QnM)
7.1.17 Number of activities conducted for promotion of universal values(Truth, Righteous conduct, Love, Non-Violence and peace); national values, human values, national integration, communal harmony and social cohesion as well as for observance of fundamental duties during the last five years (QnM) 7.1.17 Activities Conducted For Promotion Of Universal values
7.1.18 Institution organizes national festivals and birth / death anniversaries of the great Indian personalities (QlM)
7.1.19 The institution maintains complete transparency in its financial, academic, administrative and auxiliary functions (QlM)
Sr.No. 7.2 Best Practices Download
7.2.1 Describe at least two institutional best practices (QlM) 7.2.1_a Institutional Best Practices
7.2.1_b Institutional Best Practices
Sr.No. 7.3 Institutional Distinctiveness Download
7.3.1 Describe/Explain the performance of the institution in one area distinctive to its vision, priority and thrust (QlM)