Independence Day Celebration


Global Institute of Management celebrated 72nd Independence Day of India on Monday 15th August 2018 with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor in presence of Honorable President Shri. Shivajirao Yewale, Honorable Secretory Shri Ashishji Yeole and Dr. R. R. Takale (Director, GIOM).

Director Dr. Takale R.R, addressed the students. He said that the freedom for our nation is not easily achieved. Great leaders Like Mahatma Gandhi and many freedom fighters sacrificed their life for the same. It’s our moral responsibility to not let it go in vain. We should strive hard to protect it. These people handed over the independent country to us we all should stand for this. Youngsters should bear more responsibilities to make this nation more powerful and rich. He motivated and encourages the students on this day.